About Qw

sustainable, self-empowering assistance for all… as needed

For the community we choose the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. approach

Through the facilitation of innovative and engaging activities in both the arts and STEM we promote multifaceted well rounded and engagements.

Through Enrichment Services

QodeshWorld facilitates sessions in Music and the Arts. As part of the fusion of Music Production & Engineering with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics… S.T.E.M. to create S.T.E.’A’.M., QodeshWorld allows for multiple foci beginning with lessons on a variety of instruments in a diverse genres and artistic expressions also in many mediums. For example; lessons in voice, piano, guitar, drums etc. are available under the auspices of higher education coaches. We also look forward to supporting learners who are gaming aspirants.

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What is Qodesh?

What Q Means...

Qodesh, the anglicized form of the Hebrew ‘qdsh’ or’ kadosh’ simply means holy, wholly devoted, purposefully consecrated, sacred, holistic, sanctified, set apart from ‘the age’ and especially strategically separated. Referred to at times as the Qi, ‘Qodesh initiatives’ is the community development arm of the 20+ year-old iteration of Massachusetts-based consultancies. The Qi is dedicated to the promotion of education, enrichment, personal/professional, business/entrepreneurship and community development with management and administration solutions.

Where Q Originated...

The Q-movement began in 1981 on Montserrat, the ‘Emerald Isle of the Caribbean’, as the Qodesh Foundation - Qf. At that time, our focus was simply towards strengthening the legacies of philanthropy and non-discriminative fellowship among all of the faithful parishioners on the island. This ‘grace’ we are called to administer passes through our own resources, those of donors, mission associates and the Qi-friends listed at qodesh.org or qdsh.org. As you bless us presently, with prayers and gifts, we endeavour to continuously bless God and our communities.

What Q is Today...

Today, in conjunction with Qf and other mission centers, the Qi is entrusted to us as a conduit for God’s providence. We are mandated to direct and increase abundant favor towards the disenfranchised, especially in times of privation. Under the auspices of Qodesh World, the Qi is also primed with excellent coaches, innovative programmes and cutting-edge ‘tools’ to meet the growing needs of uniquely gifted but underserved learners in our Greater Boston and surrounding communities.

QodeshWorld Purpose


All information is completely confidential, though there may be need for cross-staff or professional third-party consultations in order to maximize our effectiveness and ensure best practices outcomes.


The Qodesh staff pledges to adhere to the highest standards of conduct with all of our clients. All relationships are on a professional and spiritual level. We strongly encourage a collaborative relationship with our patrons… clients and families.


All fees are agreed upon in advance and are charged in accordance with an established set of rates. All credits, discounts, patronage and sponsorship opportunities should be fully investigated by the client prior to registering for any program.

Problem Solving

It is our highest priority that our participants achieve their desired goals. Although we cannot guarantee resolution of all problems, we will strive towards finding solutions that will provide optimal results.