The pursuit of deep rooted minds through learning

Educational excellence begins with Excellent Educators

The QodeshWorld Education Services are primed with excellent coaches, innovative programs and cutting-edge ‘tools’ to meet the growing needs of uniquely gifted but underserved learners in our Greater Boston and surrounding communities.


Academic Excellence Challenge

The Academic Excellence Challenge (ÆC) is easily expressed as a comprehensive, rigorous academic and experiential education process that prepares individuals for competency determination while incorporating faith-based principles. ÆC employs certified educators and business consultants alike in the hope of stimulating discipline along with other drivers of scholastic success.

Utilizing the structure of progressive skills and knowledge plans reminiscent of educational systems like; Kaplan, Kumon and Sylvan, the ÆC program provides supplemental scholastic tutoring in a variety of subjects. But, we believe that the encouragement of our faith principled educators combined with local chamber of commerce subscribers playing an active role in coaching is what sets ÆC apart from the alternatives.

Problem Based Learning (PBL)

Students also have an opportunity to participate in Problem Based Learning (PBL) clinics that will cover additional topics such as Ethics, Etiquette (including attire and punctuality), Resume-writing, Interviewing skills and Teambuilding. One on one coaching sessions will be conducted as needed. Corporate employees, guidance counselors, certified educators and HR specialists conduct the PBL clinics

The Methodology for the PBL clinics is as follows: Based on the results of the staff interview, students with a 3.0 GPA or higher will be exposed to the PBL clinics. PBL clinics will run for 1hr each week for 8 weeks with no more than 12 students per clinic. Within the 8-week period a minimum of 4 topics will be covered.

AEC Principles

With ÆC principles, we strive to build a student’s self-assurance and rekindle the inherent desire to succeed. The application of faith-based principles while imparting valuable study skills et cetera, is what we believe will continue to set ÆC apart and improve the urban outlook towards academic excellence.

At ÆC, urban coaches and scholars come willing and able to share their unique know-how and focus the knowledge sets and code of conduct/ethics of participants in such a way that learning becomes a fun shared experience. In this option, the non-traditional pedagogical approach is used where consultants, educators and students are considered co-learners.