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QodeshWorld facilitates sessions in Music and the Arts. As part of the fusion of Music Production & Engineering with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics we allow for multiple foci beginning with lessons on a variety of instruments in a diverse genres


Dynamic Enrichment Strategies Continuum

DESC coaches and students practice an extraordinary pedagogical approach wherein both parties are deemed co-learners. This design attends to scholars from seven to seventy years of age.

If music is adopted as a metaphor for any part of experiential and academic education, two 12-week semesters of instruction consisting of weekly half hour periods is accepted as the time platform for information dissemination. This schedule is divided between theoretical and practical applications.

Commitment to ‘rehearsals’ or role-plays in order to achieve success at any level is mandatory. A mere hour of daily practicing for any five days leading up to class-day or a recital is expected